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Closed Monday.

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If you will need to use the elevator, we ask that you give us a call at least a day in advance. There are two flights of stairs that lead to the second and third floor galleries, so please plan your visit accordingly.

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phone: 212–864–7752 (during open hours)

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Fall 2024 season TBD.

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Museum News

Edgar LandsbergWe are saddened to announce that Edgar Lansbury, President Emeritus of the Boards of Trustees (of both the Nicholas Roerich Museum and the Agni Yoga Society), passed away on May 2nd, 2024. Edgar joined the NRM and the AYS in 1963 and served both organizations in different capacities. His contributions were immense: writing articles and study papers on Roerich’s art and Agni Yoga subjects, personally carrying out renovation work in the Museum’s building, financial support, etc. He was President of the Boards from 1983 to 2017 and afterwards became President Emeritus. Godspeed, Edgar, on your eternal Path and never-ending journey towards the Light.



The Museum's collection comprises more than 200 paintings of the artist, exhibited on three floors of a classic townhouse in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Virtual tour

Virtual tour

Posted on February 24, 2022

On September 1st, 1939, Hitler invaded Poland and World War II broke out.
It ended with the aggressor's capitulation and the Nuremberg trials, in which the war criminals were held accountable for crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.
Some country and some people are in the process of repeating the history.

Nicholas Roerich


We thought it was the final madness, we did. We hoped that from now on we would see only a friendly exchange of opinions. Again we were wrong.

A quarter of a century has passed [since World War I], exactly a quarter, just one generation, and the virus of the same madness has broken out. This epidemic has started in the same inhuman way. Again, bombs are being dropped on civilians. Again, ships carrying peaceful travelers are being destroyed. Schools are shattered and children's bodies torn apart.

Of course, this war did not start just yesterday. Already in 1936, the evil germs were sprouting... Violence was rampant. Destruction was justified by citing the most astounding reasons. As often happens, the biggest missiles exploded when public opinion least expected them…

On August 1st, 1914, we were in a temple, on September 1st, 1939 we were up in the Himalayas. Both—temples. Back then we were not ready to believe in such human madness, and now also the heart does not want to admit that a new horror has been born…

Once more, we will turn to art to remind us that destruction is unacceptable, once more we will hope that at least now humanity will understand what true values are, ​​and what is the purpose of human evolution.

September 3, 1939, Himalaya

Biographical Facts

homeBioImg homeArchivePhotosImg

1874Born in St.Petersburg
1893–1898Studied in the Imperial Art Academy
1906–1916Director of the Drawing School of Imperial Society for Encouragement of Arts. Exhibited in major European cities
1917–1919Karelia, Scandinavia, London
1920–1923President Founder of the Master Institute & Roerich Museum in New York, exhibitions across the U.S.A. in more than 20 cities
1923–1928Expedition to Central Asia: Sikkim, Kashmir, Ladakh, Chinese Turkestan, Altai, Mongolia, crossing Tibet from North to South
1929–1947Settled in Naggar, Kullu Valley, India
1934–1935Expedition in Manchuria and Inner Mongolia
1935The Roerich Pact signed in the White House by twenty one countries
1947Passed away in Naggar

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Below: Nicholas Roerich preparing for crossing the Gobi and Tibet from north (Ulaan-Bator) to south (Sikkim). Photo taken early April of 1927

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Video clips

Below: Nicholas Roerich in Darjeeling, India, soon after his expedition in Central Asia. Photo taken in the Fall of 1928

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Our archive holds tens of thousands of items of correspondence pertaining to Nicholas Roerich's artistic and other activities.

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The Roerich Pact

A visionary and idealist, Roerich promoted peace and the protection of the world's cultural heritage, the unity of religions, and the notion that the creative people of the world bear the responsibility to save the world.

During the nineteen-twenties, he composed a treaty for protection of the historic monuments, museums, scientific, artistic, educational and cultural institutions in time of peace as well as in war.

Nowadays the Roerich Pact movement is especially popular in Latin America—check and watch the video.

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January, 2012

What a treasure the Roerich Museum is! A wonderfully immersive experience to be surrounded by his art and artifacts in such relaxed, inviting and densely adorned surroundings.

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